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On the Beat

Ideal for Adults 16 yrs and over, with special educational needs and led by Music Leader Bill Roberts. This session is an interactive and fun music class for adults who need support while they learn, for example due to learning difficulties or physical disabilities, and so each participant is accompanied by a carer. There is a dynamic range of interactive activities – fast and slow, loud and quiet – to ensure that everyone is able to express themselves in different ways.

Bill is an expert at developing musicality through song-based activities and incorporating percussion activities and games, such as Pass The Beater and Guess That Drum. Beat recognition is thought to support language development, and the opportunities to play a variety of percussion instruments allow for the physical development, for example dexterity and rhythm.

There’s also strong emphasis on inclusivity, personal development and fun. Each session includes a break in the Hothouse Hub, dedicated to ensuring participants get the opportunity for social interaction, building confidence that carries beyond the class.

Cost: £45 full term price or £5 weekly drop in

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