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Board of Trustees

  • Liz Neat
  • Amanda Quigley
  • Holly Prest
  • Georgina Sommerville
  • Anji Stokes
  • Sam Ud Din
  • Steve Varden
  • Lauren Zawadzki (Chair)


Leadership Team

  • Andy Stratford, Interim Executive Director


Administrative Team

  • Helen Chapman, Finance Officer
  • Maxine Dixon, Young Persons Social Prescriber
  • Anita Helme, Finance Manager
  • Darren Leadsom, Education and Inclusion Manager
  • Rebecca Lockley, Company Administrator

Music Leaders

  • Ben Farmer, Music Leader
  • Leroy Lupton, Music Leader
  • Ben McCabe, Creative Producer/Music Leader
  • Rick Middleton, Music Leader
  • Ashley Murphy, Project Manager/ Music Leader
  • Rachel Parsons, Youth Programme Manager/Music Leader
  • Sian Phillips, Music Leader
  • Bill Roberts, Music Leader
  • Anni Tracy, Music Leader
  • Emma Williams, Music Leader



  • Pete Moser


How to reach us

If you would like to contact any member of staff you can email them following this pattern:


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