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It Won’t Be Long Now

Posted by More Music on 26 June 2019

By Pete Moser: More Music Representative Overseas

Leaving Morecambe again – leaving this view.

The bay that started my journey over 15 years ago with the death of 23 chinese migrant labourers in the cold of a February night. Lemn Sissay wrote at the time:

“The moon laughs the clouds cry
And a seagull screams at the night’s sky
And the sad sea sighs – goodbye”

I have been consumed by the current protests in Hong Kong and the headlines that are developed by international media are fascinating. Just today:

“Questionable apologies, nauseating condescension”
“No let up as HK extradition bill protesters continue”
“Hong Kong’s struggles ours too – a wake up call to defend all basic human rights”

In a week we will have made our show with people from across the city where we will sing about community and change, neighbourhood and purpose, friendship and love. I will post links to the songs day by day and try and tell the stories of the protest as I see it as a traveller coming to visit again.

And then at the end of July I’ll bring the music and images back to share at an evening at More Music on July 27th. “It won’t be long now’ is a show being presented in the UK on tour by good friends from Hong Kong and I will start the evening talking with by great collaborator and radical activist Gus Kok.

Put the date in your diary now! Book a ticket and try to get a real understanding of what is happening in this extraordinary city of protest.

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