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Spotlighting Herchester

Posted by More Music on 07 January 2022

Last month, our friends at Reform Radio took the reins of Arts Council England’s Instagram for a takeover, exploring the HERchesterproject that we were proud to be a part of.

HERchester was born in 2019 with a goal of bringing together female MC talent. This year they piloted the programme for across four cities – Manchester, Sheffield, Morecambe and Blackpool, connecting and collaborating with organisations Ritetrax, House of Wingz and More Music.

For the IG Story takeover, they invited the project’s leader, Manchester’s finest MC, OneDa, to share her experience as a rapper and she spoke about the importance of creating a safe space for MCs to grow.

Read More on Reform Radio 

Watch the full cypher below, the finale performance that perfectly showcases the hard work put in by all the amazing MCs:

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