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Reflections on the last 28 years

Posted by More Music on 03 April 2024

Last week, the team at More Music, bid a very fond farewell to Kathryn, our Director who has been part of More Music for 28 years.

Kathryn reflects on this in her introduction to our summer brochure, saying, “I leave More Music with great sorrow and also great pride. It is an organisation with an incredible historical legacy, an ambitious, committed team of talented, experienced, passionate and kind people.

This summer there will be a new Director of More Music, marking a significant chapter in the organisation’s journey, who will ensure its continued impact and that it remains committed to bringing lots of people together to enjoy arts and culture, particularly music, championing the needs of children and young people, and most importantly continuing to improve equality, diversity and inclusion.”

We wanted to share some of the lovely comments friends of More Music have made in recent weeks.

“One. Amazing. Woman!”
“Thank you for all of the wonderful musical opportunities you’ve created for people over the years”
“Morecambe and people from further afield have benefited from your incredible work, kindness and creativity in countless ways”
“Thank you for always being so welcoming and inclusive”
“We talk of people having their heart in the right place and Kathryn’s heart has been very evident in the work she’s done for More Music and those who make use of it for pleasure and as a lifeline”
“Thank-you Kathryn for all your hard work making the world a better place to be”
“Beautiful human being in every sense”
“Thanks for the invaluable opportunity you offered me when I was a student”
“You’re a superstar Kathryn!”
“One of my all-time favourite people in the world”
“Amazing person, amazing work, you will be missed by so many people”

We wish Kathryn all the best in her next chapter!

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