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More Music Recommends: Music in Film

Posted by Kelly Thurston on 06 May 2020

If you’re after a way to fill your time in lockdown and get a music fix, then here are some of our top picks of films that centre around music for you to enjoy whilst live music and gigs are on hold…

1. Whiplash (15)
Dir: Damien Chazelle | 2014

A stellar (and rather stressful) film from acclaimed director Damien Chazelle with outstanding performances from J.K Simmons and Miles Teller. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat. A darker depiction of the industry and an insight into the strive for perfection, we’ll be surprised if this film is ‘not quite your tempo’. Available on Amazon Prime and YouTube to rent.

2. Once (15)
Dir: John Carney | 2007

Raw, personal and touching, this film may have had a very small budget but it makes up for it in heart. With music from Glen Hansard, who also plays the main role of the broken-hearted-hoover-fixer-sucker-guy, it tells the story of two struggling musicians in Dublin. You’ll probably struggle to get ‘Falling Slowly’ out of your head after. Available on Amazon Prime and YouTube to rent or BFI Player if you have a subscription.

3. Vox Lux (15)
Brady Corbet | 2018

A more recent and controversial choice.
Stylish and sinister, Natalie Portman plays pop artist Celeste whose music career takes off after surviving a traumatic incident. This film divided audiences, but an interesting take on the toxicity of fame non-the-less. Featuring music from SIA. Currently available on Netflix. Viewer discretion is advised as it does deal with issues that could be unsettling.

4. Quadrophenia (15)
Franc Roddam | 1979

A classic.
Based on The Who’s rock opera album of the same name, the film features Pete Townshend’s ‘Love Reign O’er Me’, ‘5:15′ and ‘I’ve Had Enough’. Very cool to see Ray Winstone and Sting at the start of their careers too. One question though, are you a Mod or a Rocker? (The whole film is on YouTube too).

5. Inside Llewyn Davis (15)
Ethan & Joel Coen | 2014

Worth it for the cat alone…
A triumph from The Coen Brothers, starring Oscar Issac as Llewyn Davis, a struggling folk singer. It has an outstanding soundtrack and packs a punch. Available to rent on Amazon Prime, YouTube or BFI Player.

6. A Star is Born (Various ratings)
Dir: Various 

So good, they made it four times.
We imagine you may have already seen the smash hit from 2018 starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, but did you know that this film had already been made three times before the latest version was released. The original was released in 1937 starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. It was nominated for seven Oscars and won ‘Best Original Story’ which is apt considering just how much it has stood the test of time.

The second version was released in 1954 starring Judy Garland and James Mason featuring the epic song ‘The Man That Got Away’ (robbed of the Oscar). The third was released in 1976 starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson featuring the beloved ‘Evergreen’ as the title song. All versions sing the same tune (so to speak) but have their nuances which make them their own. Why not jump off the deep end and dive into a marathon with all four films to decide your favourite! (All available to rent on Amazon Prime)


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