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Lina’s Learnings #3

Posted by More Music on 10 July 2023

It is officially the final day of my internship and honestly, I am struggling to put into words what an incredible life-enhancing experience this past month has been!

As part of my internship, I got the opportunity to talk to different people, who have been involved with More Music in one way or another, in order to put them all together into a case study. This experience really opened my eyes to the importance of community arts, and how amazing it is that places like More Music exist.

Getting to attend the Kite Festival was probably the culmination of my internship and will definitely remain a cherished memory. I got to see so much creativity and vibrancy all in one place, and the way it brought the local community together was nothing short of majestic. Despite the heavy rain, there were still people who remained at the festival, and the bad weather conditions didn’t stop people from enjoying all the fun activities that were available. I personally really enjoyed listening to some live folk music and doing some jigs with circus performers and some of our younger attendees. I mean, really, in what other job would I ever get to do that again?

I will greatly miss all of the attendees and facilitators of On the Beat. I’ve loved meeting these lovely people, who fill the room with so much joy and enthusiasm and don’t let any circumstances stop them from expressing their love for music.

Again, no words can summarise how I feel after this internship. All I can say now is “Thank you!” to everyone at More Music who allowed me to get a glimpse of this wonderful organisation and “Thank you!” for making this past month so full of positive emotions!

I’m sure I’ll see you again soon!

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