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How to make a kite (festival)

Posted by More Music on 17 June 2022

We were very grateful to receive support from Arts Council England’s Cultural Recovery Fund during the pandemic, which enabled us to support freelance artists through commissions and small and safe events. In 2021 we made ‘One Day’: a film that shared new music and spoken word from 7 artists including The Boat Band, Guerrilla Biscuits, SHAR, This is Progress, Emma Rucastle, Charlie J and Blossom and Bee.

Also last year, and instead of a big sky filled with kites and a promenade busy with theatre, music, dance, craft workshops, funfair and food we presented the Catch the Wind community picnics; a super-rich feast for up to 30 people at a time! Featuring  More Music favourite and all round show man, Gary Bridgens alongside the explosive Professor Pumpernickel and story teller Ian Douglas who thrilled selected audiences with their marvellous Grand Cavalcade show. The Boom Bike Bourrée got people dancing in the sunshine to hurdy gurdy, accordion, beat box and trombone while artist Shane Johnstone helped everyone to make kites.

We were delighted to receive proposals from Laura Spark and Paddy Garrigan when we asked for expressions of interest to make the Catch the Wind film and song. Laura’s work is incredible, often including crafted characters with political and personal themes and Paddy, an exceptional songwriter, has often performed at More Music events most recently supporting She Shanties and performing with The Wierdstring Band at many a festival.

Laura visited on a beautiful Morecambe day and soaked in the sights whilst we talked about the festival and what might be included in the film. We looked over archive photographs of Catch the Wind, going all the way back to 2003 remembering performers, artists, food stalls, visitors from around the world, and of course, all the incredible kites that have decorated the sky each year since then. We realised then that this film could be a way to say thank you to all of those who have contributed to make this festival so fantastic and a highlight of the Morecambe summer season for so many years.

Watch as the festival is constructed before your eyes and we’ll see you for the real-life version on 9th and 10thJuly on Morecambe Promenade: “If you want to fly, throw me a line and we’ll take to the sky”.

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