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Music Technology

Ideal for Key Stages 2-5, students with a basic grasp of technology

These sessions look at the types of sounds used in modern pop music and show how they are created. Students will learn to use professional recording, mixing and sequencing technology – both hardware and software – and discover the fascinating history of electronic music.

This could be a one-off introduction to the main concepts or a programme of weekly sessions working towards finished recordings of new music at the end of term. This can take place in our studio spaces or, if you prefer, we can bring portable equipment to your school.

Sessions can be tailored according to your needs, but typically include some or all of the following elements:



  • Computer music production: sequencing, arrangement, mixing and use of effects
  • Creative use of synthesizers and electronic instruments
  • Multitrack recording – both in a studio and on location
  • Theory – including the history of electronic music
  • Looping and sampling
  • Sound design – music and soundscapes for TV, film and games

Contact or call 01524 831 997 for more information and to book.

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