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Young people write about hope, the future and a sense of place

Posted by More Music on 20 March 2024

During our 30th year, young people from across the More Music youth programme were given the challenge of writing a new anthem to celebrate the charity’s momentous anniversary.

Using themes of hope, the future and sense of place as well as reflecting on what More Music means to them, young people came up with many ideas, words and phrases that became the lyrics for the track. Meanwhile, bands shared chord progressions and developed hooks and melodies, which formed the structure of the song.

We spent the spring term bringing ideas together in sessions and the song began to take shape. Bay Youth Voices, More Music’s  vocal group for 6 – 11 year olds, wrote a rap section, young musicians from the Stages project learnt how to play the track live, vocalists from LYVE (Lancashire Youth Vocal Ensemble) worked on the harmonies and vocal arrangements and in no time everyone in the office was singing the chorus!

Once the song was fully formed, a group of the young musicians and vocalists recorded the track at Lancaster & Morecambe College’s excellent studio facilities. This great opportunity gave young people as young as 7 years old their first experience in a professional environment. Everyone had a wonderful time hanging out in the studio and the track sounded great.

During the summer, local film maker and director Daniel Brereton, who has made music videos  of bands such as Metronomy and the Vaccines, worked with young people to story board a video to accompany the track. This was an incredible  opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at how to produce and direct a music video and an insight into a fascinating career path.

Once the storyboard and shot list were complete, the performers were cast and  the team went on location with Daniel in and around More Music and Morecambe for a brilliant day of filming.

A highlight of the day was filming on location at the skate park with a full band set up and skateboarders!

The final result is a wonderful video and track created by the young people who come to More Music’s youth programme, which includes projects for people from aged 8-25; Bay Youth Voices, Stages, More Media Collective, Stages Vocal Night and Sing it Out.

Supported by our team of professional musicians, music leaders and industry professionals this project was made possible by our funders.

Anthem Video Credits 
A More Music film directed by Daniel Brereton.
Written recorded by and featuring the young people from Stages, LYVE, More Media Collective, Bay Youth Voices and Sing It Out, with support from More Music’s Youth Programme Team.
Track recorded, mixed and produced by Leroy Lupton
Recorded at More Music and LMC Studio
Youth Programme Team:
Rachel Parsons
Ashley Murphy
Emma Williams
Maxine Draycott
Leroy Lupton
Saffi McConnachie
Joe Hargreaves
Warren Hartely
Jack Boyton
Shannon Nuttell
Special Thanks to:
Lancaster and Morecambe College for letting us record in the LMC Studio
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