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Those Who Don’t Jump Will Never Fly

Posted by More Music on 21 January 2021

Simon Das, owner of the 978 Bridging Company undertook a skydive as an opportunity to support a local organisation close to his heart, as well as taking an opportunity to push himself firmly out of his comfort zone. Simon raised well over his target, an impressive £720, which he donated to More Music. We applaud his momentous effort and really appreciate the very generous donation.

We had the opportunity to talk to Simon and here’s what he told us:

Tell us about your connection to Morecambe

I have lived in Morecambe for nearly a decade. Me and my now wife moved here for her work, just after I finished university. I had no job and basically started a new life from scratch. We chose Morecambe as a place to call home as we could see the amazing potential. It is an incredible town, if a little forgotten. The Bay is truly astounding and the history is abundant. After setting up home here I began getting involved in the community and met some amazing people and organisations and ultimately those relationships led to a meaningful understanding of the area and the opportunity to start my own businesses. A decade or so on, I have a fantastic team of local people who work with me and am actively employing people in the local area. Morecambe is home and is where I have begun to realise my own potential and hopefully I can help others to do the same as we expand our companies.

Do you play a musical instrument or create music in another way?

Music was my main passion before I got into business. I studied creative music and sound technology at Leeds Beckett University. I have DJ’d since I was 13 years old and have gigged and put on events locally. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time to put into music at the moment with a young family and fledgling businesses but my dream is to get back into DJ’ing as soon as time allows. I have recently dusted of my Technics and do love mixing and collecting vinyl. I’d also love to learn piano.

How do you know More Music?

A few weeks after moving to Morecambe in October 2011 me and my wife Liz heard a rumbling outside. We thought it was people dragging their dust bins out, but it was lasting forever. When we went to the door it got louder so we put our coats on and followed the noise. A few streets away we were greeted by the Christmas lantern parade with hundreds of young people and adults carrying lanterns to a drum ensemble. We already knew we’d moved to a wonderful community, but this moment we realised we’d found a new home. It was such a welcoming and inclusive event and we have looked forward to it every year since then. We do our best to get to all of the events and festivals that more music host and I have even had guitar lessons from More Music too.

Why did you choose to do a skydive?

I am all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and really love to see others do the same. I think it is good for the soul and too many people don’t realise what they are capable of. I also wanted us to raise a good amount of money so thought it would be exciting enough for people to follow and hopefully dig deep and donate.

Why did you choose to fundraise for More Music?

I have always seen More Music as a beacon of hope, pride and ambition in the heart of the West End of Morecambe, ever since we heard and stumbled upon the lantern parade. I think engaging young people through creative arts is incredibly valuable, particularly in the digital age with less social interaction and more editing of life through social media etc. I think it is really important for people to get together, bounce of each other and be creative together. More Music shouts loud and proud about Morecambe and the West End in particular and I do too. I just think it is a fantastic organisation and Morecambe and the West End is lucky to have you.

What’s your next adventures in music and / or fundraising?

I need to start teaching my son how to DJ. He’s 3 now and with a stepping stool can just about reach the decks. He could be a superstar DJ by the time he’s 16! I also want to learn piano. As for adventures I think the next company charity event will be a hike to the top of Scafell Pike which is the highest mountain in England and stand 978 Meters above sea level. It is also where my company gets its name from!

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