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Remixing Communities | Hong Kong

Posted by More Music on 24 April 2019

Our founder and friend, Pete Moser, has taken a trip to Hong Kong on behalf of More Music to work on a project called Remixing Communities.

Pete says:

“It’s just under a year since I stopped working full time for More Music and I am so happy to put on the red T shirt and get out and about around Hong Kong making music again.

The programme goes on for a 13th year with a huge cross city community music songwriting project called Remixing Communities, a residency at a health trust complex for adults with dementia and with special needs and planning for a regional community music conference in November.

Meanwhile back at home I am so happy to see the team under the artistic leadership of Loz and Kathryn, working so well to continue to develop the brilliant More Music programme.”

Click on the links below to read Pete’s blogs exploring his trip and experience working on the project.

  1. Remixing Community

  2. Arriving

  3. Walking

  4. Talking 

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