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New Mid-Week Hangout for young people at More Music 

Posted by More Music on 07 October 2021

Through our work at More Music, we recognise the personal, social, physical and emotional benefits of music. Whether it’s beatboxing, singing or song writing sessions for young people, positive impact of playing and listening to music are wide reaching and increasingly well documented.

For those of us working with young people there has never been a more crucial time to recognise and raise awareness of these benefits.

Music making sessions are the social event of the week and a chance to meet up with or make new friends as well as to be creative. For the young people who attend our weekly projects, coming to a session means more to them than just a chance to improve their musical skills.

A safe and supported space for socializing, creativity and self-expression is of the utmost importance for young people’s personal, social and emotional development. Having the opportunity to explore those little sparks of creative interest can be an essential for building confidence and self-esteem and developing future progression routes musical or otherwise.

More Music’s Midweek Hang Out is our new evening for young people to do exactly this.  

If you know of a young person who is struggling with social isolation or anxiety, accessing mental health support or on a waiting list for services, and who might really benefit from the range of sessions on offer at More Music, please get in touch to find our more, with:

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