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Posted by More Music on 21 March 2024

We made a Zine to demonstrate how participants in our Young People’s Programme navigated lockdown, to share the skills that they acquired and tell the story of how they adapted to the challenging circumstances of the pandemic.

The story in the Zine shares learnings about important practical and social skills, gaining  confidence, taking a mutually respectful, inclusive approach and how to advance ideas. It tells of opportunities to develop creatively and personallythrough a joint desire to escape isolation. It demonstrates how the group remained linked to the music scene and how the pandemic didn’t stop them!

More Music’s youth programme provides young people with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a safe space. We provide a creative medium for self-expression, focus and positive relationships. We nurture confidence in individuals as well as teaching a variety of musical, practical and social skills whilst developing individual talent.

There are a number of very popular sessions taking place at More Music, which enable young people not only to write and perform music but manage events and work towards achieving an arts award qualification. Young people continue to be part of the existing music scene and help to shape the future of music in Morecambe too.

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