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Lina’s Learnings | Entry #1

Posted by More Music on 25 May 2023

I am incredibly excited to have been given the opportunity to complete an internship with More Music, thanks to the Faculty of Arts and Science at Lancaster University .

In the past, I have worked with various local community organisations, which have helped me develop a great passion for combining charity work and the arts. For this reason, I was already aware of More Music and the incredible work they had done over the years. When I saw the Marketing and Content Creation internship advertised through the Lancaster University Employment and Recruitment service, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to apply, as I knew that it would be an amazing and unique experience.

I was initially quite nervous about my first day (so much so that I ended up arriving an hour earlier than agreed, for fear of being late). However, I was quickly made to feel at home, as everyone on the team has been incredibly kind and welcoming. I was given the opportunity to join a session of On the Beat, where I got to help out during the tea and coffee break and speak to some wonderful people (and also play some drums).

Currently, I am working on connecting with some of More Music’s previous employees and participants, with whom I will get to speak to about their involvement with the organisation. The interviews will be used as part of a case study for More Music’s 30th anniversary.

I was also invited to attend a full company meeting, which has helped me learn a lot of in-depth information not just about More Music, but also about the general management of a company of this nature, which has been incredibly beneficial.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic for the days to come, which will include gaining valuable experience and lots of transferable skills, as well as meeting some amazing people. I am incredibly lucky to have been granted this opportunity.

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