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Lina’s Learnings – Entry #2

Posted by More Music on 14 June 2023

It is hard to believe how fast time has flown and that I am now halfway through my marketing internship with More Music. It feels like so much has happened in such a short period of time that it is difficult to condense it all into one single blog post.

  1. Working with Amy

I have been very fortunate that More Music offered me this internship, despite the fact that they already had an intern. This gave us both the chance to work collaboratively rather than individually and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. We were both given the task of conducting interviews with people who have participated in More Music activities, as part of a case study for More Music’s 30th Anniversary celebration. Combining both of our minds and creativity has led to some wonderful ideas for the project that we are both very proud of and we can’t wait to see the finished product. It has been incredible to see how well we both bounce off one another and have been able to combine our ideas in such well-fitting ways.

  1. Conducting the interviews

Possibly the most touching part of this internship has been getting to know all of the people whose lives have been positively impacted by More Music in one way or another. I have always been passionate about community arts, but I think this is the first time I was truly able to see the positive impact and long-term effects they can have on people’s lives. I don’t think I will ever forget meeting all of these remarkable people who spoke so passionately about how More Music was their safe space, a place where they could escape the difficulties that life had inflicted on them and a place where they could finally feel like they fit in.

  1. On the Beat

Outside of working on the case studies, I also got to attend On the Beat sessions. On the Beat is a music group for adults with learning disabilities.  It has been lovely getting to chat with some of the participants and seeing their enthusiasm and the big smiles on their faces whenever their favourite song is played next. Additionally, I also got to pick up the drums myself and play along with them.

  1. Personal development

To be frank, I applied for this internship because I was already familiar with the organisation and wanted to get involved with them. But a career in marketing was never really something I had given much thought to, until now. It has actually been so fun getting to put my own creative touch on the case studies and being able to help with promoting More Music’s initiative, which is definitely something worth shouting about. I am now not only thankful that I got to work with such a brilliant company but also for the fact that a new career path has been opened for me.

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