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Lancashire Encounters Choir Callout

Posted by Kelly Thurston on 12 March 2021

Over the last months music and nature have kept so many of us going. Even when we have not been able to share song in the same way or visit places we love. At the same time, environmental threats haven’t gone away either. It’s time for a song of of all of these experiences.

For Lancashire Encounter Festival 2021 we will be creating “Right Here, Right Now”, a story in sound presented on film and online. Singers, streetband players, narrators and natural sounds will weave together telling about Lancashire’s environment – its history, the challenges it faces and the hope it brings. It will bring together the voices reflecting the county’s diverse communities.

“Right Here, Right Now” will bring some of the best inclusive music making projects in Lancashire together with groups from across the county in a fresh piece. It will be led by Musical Director Loz Kaye and More Music.

There will be many ways to get involved as we will be setting creative challenges to crowd source material and inspiration for the piece, finding songs, lyrics and sounds.

“Right Here, Right Now” will part of ongoing work by the Lancashire Encounter Festival engaging participatory music projects, developing participants and audiences  and growing the ambition of the Festival.

So right now, here are 2 ways to get involved with “Right Here Right Now”:


1. Creative Challenge

We’re asking a question for singers and choirs – tell us why you sing. We’re looking for a sentence, but a word will do. Or more if you can’t stop yourselves!

You can

  • Tweet @LozKaye or @MoreMusic1 the answer with hashtag #RightHere21
  • Email your answer, in text. Or it could be a video or recording.

We’ll be gathering responses through March and April

This will to be inspire a song about singing itself…


2. Encounter Voices

We will be recording 3 songs with an online choir, during May and June. We’d love to have your voices as part of it. Email us at with subject Encounter Voices for an invite to sessions.

We look forward to telling this story together with you.

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