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Kate’s Corner #3

Posted by More Music on 14 July 2021

It feels almost impossible to sum up my time at More Music within a blog post as each week has been so different to the next! I’ve been involved in a number of projects and activities that have allowed me to learn and grow including helping at the Girls Can Gig, writing press releases and blogs, assisting with marketing planning, and project managing the Catch the Wind Community Picnics. No two days have been the same! I’ve really enjoyed the fast-paced nature of working at More Music, it’s a busy and vibrant organisation where there’s always something new to get involved with.

Having studied Arts Management in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic many conversations with my peers focused on how arts organisations were adapting to the ever-changing restrictions. I found it particularly interesting to observe how well More Music adapted and thrived, for instance they moved many of their regular sessions online and streamed gigs on YouTube. They showed that although arts organisations have certainly struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have also been incredibly adaptable.

In my last blog post I talked about my 3 highlights of the internship however, I feel that there is one overarching highlight from my time with More Music, which is the people I have met – both More Music staff and those attending sessions and events. Everyone I have met has been warm and welcoming, with many people sharing their own experiences of More Music and how the organisation has had a positive impact on their life. Many organisations describe their intention to support the community and connect with people, however, I was able to witness how More Music truly do this.

I would like to thank everyone at More Music for being so welcoming and helpful throughout my internship. Future interns will be very fortunate to have the chance to work with More Music, they will not only learn a lot, but they will also come away having connected with people who will share invaluable thoughts and insights that will shape their perspective on life. I’m finishing my internship with a spring in my step and a special place in my heart for More Music.




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