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Colette’s blog – Brighter Sound Reverb gig trip 

Posted by More Music on 05 December 2023

29th Nov 2023

Last night some of More Music’s young creatives from More Media Collective and our 2 mentee’s went to Manchester for a gig swap opportunity with Brighter Sound’s Reverb project as part of the Youth Reaching Out Network.

Reverb is Brighter Sound’s Manchester based project for young musicians who want to develop skills in songwriting, production and playing in a band. There are a lot of parallels with More Music’ Youth Programme so the gig was a great opportunity for our team to go and check out what Brighter Sound get up to in Manchester.

Colette, one of our current mentee’s and a Community Music graduate wrote a blog reflecting on her experiences after the trip ….

“Brighter Sound’s venue for the evening, in Manchester was warm and inviting, a perfect space to host gigs, record and use for practising and developing and nurturing young talent. 

We received Nell’s Pizza on arrival and then were given opportunities to network and check out the venue’s technical equipment and space etc. One of our young people Gwen, had  the great opportunity to manage the lights during the gig giving Jack and I the chance to network with some of Brighter Sound’s  staff and audience.

Logan performed a 20 minute set during the gig, which was outstanding and the More Music team and young people cheered him on as well as the audience, Brighter Sound staff and the other young people who were performing.

It was a wonderful experience to gig swap and see what the young musicians at Reverb had been working on. Especially those songs they had written themselves and performed during this gig, extremely inspiring, very enjoyable and I think it will continue to be a valuable partnership.’

Reaching Out is a partnership project with Brighter Sound. Ashley Murphy from More Music and Lucy Wallace from Brighter Sound have been co-ordinating the meetings for the past 4 years which have brought together over 50 organisations from across the North West. 
The Reaching Out Network is aimed at project managers, programme managers and anyone else planning and managing inclusive music activity across the North West for children and young people.
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