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Celebrating young people’s confidence, creativity and collectivity

Posted by More Music on 21 December 2022

On Friday 2nd December parents, friends and local youth organisations gathered together at More Music for an evening of inspirational performances at Chameleon Lvl 4.

This is an annual event co -produced by young people from More Music, the Prop Up Project, Lancashire Youth Challenge and Lancaster and Morecambe Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service; Chameleon is a collaborative project championing young people’s resilience and celebrating creative passion.

More Music’s ’More Media Collective’ spent the autumn term planning every aspect of the event. Through the process they developed new skills, friendships and the confidence to run, host and perform.

The evening itself demonstrated exactly how Chameleon provides a positive environment and safe space for young people to discuss mental health issues. From moving spoken word pieces about difficult personal experiences and stunning jazz to an en-masse performance of ‘Times Like These’ and perhaps the world’s first hip hop yoyo display! The night was an amazing showcase of young people’s confidence, creativity and collectivity.

For many, Chameleon is a highlight of the year. The event marks the start of the festive season and is a great opportunity for young people to celebrate what they have achieved. Performances spotlighted the hard work put into writing new songs and collaborating with friends new and old in bands and ensembles from across More Music’s Youth Programme.

The night featured films showcasing the life changing challenges that young people from LYC have taken part in throughout 2022 and the amazing work done by Prop Up Project.

It was also an opportunity for young bands, singers, DJs, rappers and spoken word artists from across the area to perform to an enthusiastic and supportive audience and gain some new fans!

But Chameleon is more than just an event, it’s a collective organisational approach, led by young people, in exploring and shouting about the importance of creativity in supporting positive mental health and wellbeing.

The group chose to theme the event around gaming, researching signs of burnout and learning how taking part in a wide range of creative activities can help to recharge your battery when you’re feeling low and need a positive distraction.

Working with primary mental health workers from CAMHS, the young producers created a collection of mental health resources for young people, which are accessible here.

Research has shown that participating in creative activities provides a healthy outlet for young people, helping them to cope with anxiety, depression and everyday pressures. Never before has this been more evident or needed.

Quotes from participants:

“Being part of Chameleon has given me the opportunity and experience to work as a manager & this will help me in life to become a cabin manager and in general” – Isaac

“Being part of Chameleon has been rewarding and I have loved being part of the team. I look forward to seeing where we take this next” – Saffi

“Being part of Chameleon has given me access to a place to come and be with other young people” – Anonymous

“Being part of Chameleon has been one of the most fascinating things I have done in my life so far. The entire event was a spectacular showcase of what people here can do, which I underestimated!” – Oscar

“Being part of Chameleon has revealed everyone’s true colours and given everyone a proud moment” – Manot

“Being part of Chameleon has been buzzing” – Logan

“Being part of Chameleon has upped my confidence – I didn’t even know Chameleon was a thing, but now I do, I would definitely want to do something like this again” – Levy


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