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An Interview With Little Boots

Posted by More Music on 27 October 2021

A nationwide project, A Song for Us commissions leading music creators across genres to write new songs inspired by the people of their county.

Sound UK and More Music were delighted to co-commission talented singer-songwriter and DJ, Little Boots to create a new song, working with Lancashire Youth Vocal Ensemble and other local singers and inspired by the people of Lancashire.

The new song will be performed at Kanteena in Lancaster as part of Light Up Lancaster on Thursday 4 November 2021. It will then be available online at from 10 November for 12 months.

We caught up with Little Boots about here experience working on the project:

1. Can you tell us about your links to Lancashire and what it means to you?

Lancashire means home to me. Although I tour all over the world and have lived in London and Los Angeles, coming home to see friends and family is always a special feeling I connect with the county and the people there. 

2. Tell us about the inspiration for your song for Lancashire?

The piece was inspired by my time growing up in Lancashire, especially Blackpool, the Fylde Coast and Wyre. The title ‘red rose’ is taken from the red rose of Lancashire. I still visit Lancashire regularly to visit family, and during lockdown spent more time then I had for many years, and really reconnected with the area, going for a lot of walks in the countryside and along the beach. Its also so noticeable when returning how friendly everyone is, and the sense of community which is missing in a lot of big cities. The song is about returning home and takes you on a nostalgic journey, emphasising togetherness. 

3. This has been an incredibly difficult time we’re all living through. What have you learnt about yourself in the 18 months? What keeps you positive? And how important has creativity and music been to you?  

I’ve learnt that my fans are incredible, they way they have supported me through lockdown and helped fund a new album via Patreon in the absence of gigs was amazing. I also found it to be a new set of rules for creativity, certain things were taken way such as being able to work with other people in the studio, but on the flip side we had a lot more time, this encouraged me to step up my production skills and produce my new album mylsef, something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. 

4. A Song for Us encourages creativity in everyone. Do you have any tips or words of encouragement for people wanting to create their own song?

Try to tell a story, don’t overcomplicate it, focus on a great melody and lyric, write from the heart. 

5. The public are also encouraged to share their favourite tracks to the music map, tracks that comfort, celebrate, commemorate or simply sum up this time. What track would you choose and why? 

I’d choose another Blackpool songwriter Rae Morris ‘Heading North for Christmas’, this perfectly sums up my annual Christmas journey to visit family and all the magic that comes with it

6. Can you tell us about the local musicians performing your new song and how these collaborations came about? 

More Music got in touch and set up the collaborations. I believe it is Lancashire Youth Vocal Ensemble, I looked them up online and they seem very good, I saw they had a beatboxer so wrote a part for that in the song. It’s nice young people are coming together to make music. 

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