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Amplify Callout for Content Creators

Posted by More Music on 27 November 2020

Apply to be one of Amplify’s Content Creators


Deadline to apply: 5pm, Thursday 17 December

Amplify are looking for creative young people, interested in music who have something to say about musical opportunities in Lancashire.

Amplify is Lancashire Music Education Hub’s Youth Voice programme which ensures young people have a voice and can influence change at strategic level in our organisation. Amplify is delivered in partnership with Blaze Arts.

The Amplify team have been investigating musical opportunities in Lancashire and their recent survey of over 400 young people has revealed some interesting results about students’ experiences.

From analysing these results, Amplify identified four issues to take forward:

1. The “Averageness” of Music Education

On a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (awesome) over 50% of respondents rated their experience of music education as 3 (average) or below.

This was for curriculum music lessons and extra-curricular activities in school, and out of school opportunities.

2. What There Is And What There Should Be

A large proportion of respondents (38%) felt there wasn’t anything missing from the music offer available to them.

There is a gap between what is available and what respondents chose to be involved in, for example 77% of schools had a choir but only 10% of respondents reported being involved in a choir.

32% would like to have more song writing opportunities and 30% would like to have more urban music opportunities.

Recording; the music industry; self-organised bands; and music technology were also missing.

Respondents no longer in education and teachers agreed with students that these areas were missing.

3. IRL vs URL – In Real Life vs Online

The most popular way to get involved in music was in school, but the second most popular way was online (37%). This is even more relevant with the current restrictions on group music making.

4. Career Paths

A very small number of respondents (8%) viewed music as a potential career path or future profession. This is despite respondents engaging in a wide range of musical activities and describing music as an important hobby. Young people who are obviously passionate about music, do not consider it to be a realistic career path.
Each of the four Content Creators will explore one of these 4 issues.

What you create is up to you but your final content should:

-Explore the issue in depth

-Include a number of well researched viewpoints

-Inspire further discussion and action

-Make your issue interesting to a wide range of people, including young people

You will receive mentoring throughout and there will be workshops to develop your skills.

The first workshop will be in January 2021 and your final piece will be presented at an event in July 2021 and shared across our digital and social media platforms.

Much of the work will be done in your own time but Amplify expect you to attend scheduled meetings and workshops.

Each content creator will be awarded a bursary of £500.
To apply you need to be aged 16 – 21 who live in, or go to school/college in Lancashire.

You should have experience of creating your own digital content, but you don’t have to be an expert.


Deadline to apply: 5pm on Thursday 17  December

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview (via Zoom) on Friday 8th January.

If you have any specific access needs relating to the application process or the commission itself, please let us know. Contact Hannah at

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