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From Hong Kong to Morecambe: A Practicum

Posted by More Music on 24 July 2019

This summer we were lucky to have Sally with us on a six week practicum scheme from the Chinese University of Honk Kong. Here is the blog she has written about her experience: 

“I am very lucky to be selected as the first student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to go to More Music for a practicum. This is a six-week learning experience that entitled me to join in workshops, festivals and events and learn more about the art scene in Lancashire and community arts.

I am no stranger to More Music before this visit – as the music organisation I have previously worked in had a very good relationship with More Music. We have even invited the Long Walk Chinese Orchestra members to come to Hong Kong in 2018 for a series of performances for our beneficiaries. The practicum experience also served as my reunion with the Long Walk members!

During the course of my practicum I have joined a variety of wonderful music sessions, and got involved in the event management-related work for several festivals and events, including the annual Catch the Wind Kite Festival 2019. I was also encouraged by music leaders to sometimes play the piano and join in the fun!

I am very grateful to have this overseas working opportunity that allowed me to explore the performing arts ecology in Morecambe and Lancaster region. The practicum also enabled me to compare and reflect community arts projects and performing arts administration in Hong Kong. I acquired more knowledge in engaging people in community arts activities, traits of community music leaders, and most importantly the impacts on the community. I also had the chance to travel to other nearby cities to visit some of their cathedrals, art galleries and museums to complete my arts and cultural experience in the UK.

I would like to thank the More Music team for taking care of me in the past 6 weeks, giving me the experience to work in a different environment and showing me around Morecambe and other places. It was my pleasure to contribute and work for More Music, and I will bring the spirit and passion of community music to my future endeavours in Hong Kong.”

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