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Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe is a community singing group for over 60s.

If you enjoy a singalong, fancy some company and afternoon tea, come along to sing and socialise.

These weekly sessions can help you feel healthier and happier.

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If you have any enquiries please call 01524 831997 or email

Sing It Out!


Find your voice at our informal singing session for 11-18 yr olds.

In this group, with an emphasis on supporting positive mental health through singing, you can sing out stress, sing out strong or simply start by singing something small.

No experience required – this is a safe group for anyone with social anxieties, maybe looking for ways to manage your different moods and meet new friends.

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Music for Health

The positive impact of group singing on both physical and mental health – for young and old alike – is well evidenced.

Singing your heart out can be joyful and uplifting, both during and after taking part.

With thanks to Spirit of 2012, as of 2019 we have established two new Singing for Health projects here in Morecambe, designed to bring people together in safe, creative and fun environments.

We are working together with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) network and Bay Medical Group to discover and share the benefits of music-making for the community.

The Sing It Out group brings young people together to sing, socialise and eliminate stigma surrounding mental health and The Seagull Café offers a space for people over 60 to come together and enjoy a singalong and afternoon tea.

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