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Amy’s Album – Entry #2

Posted by More Music on 14 June 2023

Having been at More Music for seven weeks now, the interviews for the 30th anniversary case studies are fully underway. It’s been incredibly interesting talking to people from such a wide variety of different backgrounds and career fields, and it’s opened my eyes to the wealth of jobs available to people with creative skillsets. University careers advice tends to focus on more traditional roles and sectors, so it’s been inspiring talking to so many people with successful careers in the arts and in art-adjacent industries.

My recent work at More Music has involved graphic design. I have some experience creating content for digital marketing and it’s been exciting utilising that skillset in a new context. I’ve collaborated with More Media Collective and my colleague Lina to produce vibrant, digital content that showcases More Music’s history and the personal experiences of our interviewees. The project with More Media Collective was particularly interesting, as it was my first time attempting to create an interactive design. We’ve recently produced a plan for how this content will be used over the upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations, so I’m looking forward to seeing the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes come to life.

Most excitingly however, has been the opportunity to take part in Louise Blackburn’s singing workshop ‘With One Voice.’ Back in school, I was an avid choral singer, so it was great to experience singing in four parts again. It was less pressurised than traditional choral singing however as there was no hierarchy between the vocal parts. Each singer was important, no matter their vocal range, and it was about having fun and producing a beautiful sound together. I’m currently President of the Lancaster University Singing Society so, inspired by Louise and the lovely people I met, I’m interested in bringing a similar joyful and informal approach to learning harmonies back to my own singing group. My favourite part of the day however was definitely the shared lunch!

It’s sad to think that I’m more than halfway through my internship. I’m looking forward to experiencing my first kite festival, and to finishing all of these amazing, creative projects. I can’t wait to see what new opportunities these final few weeks bring.

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