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LYVE SEND – non-verbal vocalising

Ideal for non-verbal PMLD students

Typical format: An hour a week with a small group of students, working towards termly gatherings with other SEND schools.

LYVE (Lancashire Youth Vocal Ensemble) SEND is a powerful method of working vocally with PMLD students, using intensive interaction with the students at the centre of the session

This developed from a project called Gobsmacked, you can read a full case study with films, outcomes and benefits here

We have worked in a number of schools across Lancashire and would like now to connect with even more young people. We have a team of 5 musicians who are ready and have experience in working to develop the voices of these students.




The aim of the project is twofold:

  1. To offer students the opportunity to develop their voices
  2. To enable students with vocal talent the opportunity to join with others from other SEND schools at termly gatherings.

If this is new to your school, we can offer 4 free sessions with a small group of students so you can see how it works and how the pupils respond to it.

After this, we can meet and discuss the outcomes and see whether you feel there is a future for the work in the school, We can then deliver this work at 50% of our normal costs, subsidised by Lancashire Music Hub.

If you are interested please contact or call 01524 831 997


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