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Leroy Lupton

Leroy is a contemporary music producer specialising in modern pop, electronic, hip-hop, EDM and R&B styles. He is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, bass, drums and synthesiser with a passion for creating something unique. For the past 10 years Leroy has toured the country performing in various original bands supporting the likes of BeardyMan, The Hoosiers, Reeps One, From The Jam and Newton Faulkner among many others. He fronts the video-game-prog-rock band EZXP who performed alongside Jason Paige (original Pokémon theme singer) at Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017 and supported Galactic Empire on their uk tour. Leroy has a prolific online presence accumulated over 750,000 views on YouTube. He plays synth and produces the electro jazz band Kollega, who have received national airplay on BBC Radio 3.

Leroy Lupton

Leroy Lupton 2

Since attaining a first class BA honours degree in Popular Music Recording at University of Salford in 2013 Leroy has developed his craft as a community musician. He delivers a wide range of workshops to schools, community centres and events and is passionate about developing young musicians.

“My major influences today are Quincy Jones, Dr.Dre, Jai Paul and Toro Y Moi”

“My signature workshop is using music technology to enable composition and aid musical understanding. I like to have fun in a classroom exploring whacky sounds to create something unique yet credible”

What inspired me musically : “As soon as I learned 2 chords on guitar at the age of 13 I was writing my own songs and performing them live. Composition and exploration have always been the driving force behind my musical passion.”

Leroy can offer workshops in music tech, songwriting, vocal (acapella / choral / individual / beatboxing / rapping), drumming, guitar and sound design / video game music.

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