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Rory McLeod

Rory is a rhythmic storyteller and multi-instrumentalist, telling unpalatable truths about broken hearts and social injustice in songs, that are percussive, bold, lyrical, deeply personal…and have an unexpected edge to them, accompanied by spoons, harmonica, guitar, trombone and-tap-dancing shoes.

Rory is a one man soulband, poet and storyteller, singing his own unique upbeat dance stories. A modern travelling troubadour using tap shoes, acappella, harmonica, guitar, trombone, spoons, finger cymbals, bandorea, djembe and various percussion instruments!

Rory has travelled the globe for different reasons at different times, from Asia to the middle East from Gambia to Cuba, Central America, Australia, North America, Canada, Europe and other nooks and crannies of the earth.

“You don’t listen to McLeod you travel with him”
City Hub, Sydney (Australia)

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