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Nani is an acclaimed international singer, composer, pianist and trombonist. Nani brings a breath of fresh air into the jazz and world landscape with her hypnotising vocals, often compared to Mercedes Sosa and Nina Simone, and her timeless compositions, which blend Middle Eastern music, North African beats & Nani’s own composed Ethnic-Jazz songs.

Her music has distant leaning to Flamenco, North African music and Sephardic traditional song, with timeless melodies and fluid improvisations, but more importantly, she is the only known artist to revitalise the ancient Ladino language of her grandmother’s Morocco, bringing it into the spotlight and up-to-date with material resonant with our own times.

“Nani’s strength is both in her 3-forte virtuoso on all vocals, trombone and piano and in her ability to put a spell on the audience” – Roccella Jazz IT

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