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Hack-Poets Guild – Blackletter Garland

Three of the UK’s most innovative, award-winning folk artists reinvent a collection of historic broadsides – daily song sheets sold for pence from the 16th to 20th centuries – offering a rare and fascinating insight into Britain’s history.

Delving into the inky archives at the Bodleian Libraries and beyond, Lisa Knapp, Marry Waterson and Nathaniel Mann lead a five-piece band bringing broadsides to life for a new generation.

Lisa Knapp – voice, fiddle, autoharp

Marry Waterson – voice

Nathaniel Mann – voice, bowed banjo, electronics and meat cleaver

Barney Morse Brown – cello w/ pedals

Laurence Hunt – percussion

Produced by Sound UK. Commissioned by Sound UK and OCM.

Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by the Bodleian Libraries.

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