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Girls Can 2024

We are excited to announce our next Girls Can weekend on the 9th & 10th March to celebrate International Women Day 2024

The weekend will be an opportunity to develop new skills, confidence, collectivity and DIY spirit,

During the weekend you will have the opportunity to:

* Form a band / work in your current band or as an artist

* Write and rehearse new songs

* Explore how to demo your new material

* Meet new people

* Work towards preparing a set to perform at Lancaster Music Festival in October as part of the Girls Can takeover

The weekend is aimed at young women aged between 12 – 19 

Workshops are free


Sat: 10am – 3pm 

Sun: 10am – 3pm 

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Girls Can is More Music’s campaign to redress the balance of women’s representation in music, celebrate women’s achievement and provide opportunities to explore areas of music and technology where barriers often exist.

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