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All The Right Notes: Modeste Hugues | Dominie Hooper

Modeste is a songwriter and guitarist from Madagascar whose music blends traditional Malagasy sounds, exuberant melodies and rhythms with hypnotic guitar playing and vocals.

Cellist, guitarist and singer Dominie Hooper’s voice pushes forth a depth, darkness and arresting honesty, her songs dissecting shame, sexuality, survival and identity with an ever-present sense of solidarity and optimism.

Her sound draws from English folk, classical music, alt-rock, and avant-garde pop, defying easy categorisation and pushing at the boundaries of folk. Her band also features Lancaster local Mikey Kenney.

Part of our new programme of music events – ALL THE RIGHT NOTES – a series of gigs taking place on the first Saturday of the month. Each month there will be a headline act and we’re inviting local performers to be the support acts.

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